Personalised Fitness Coach
Founder Fit With Sally

I aim to motivate - not with airbrushed photos of a woman’s behind but with true representations of health & confidence.

I aim to inspire - not through promoting my own achievements but through celebrating others’.

I aim to educate - not with extreme ‘lose 5lbs in 5 days’ tag lines but with science and real world experience.

I aim to understand - not through telling my story, but by listening to yours


I left my hometown of Brisbane (Australia) at 21 and now at 28, I’m still traveling. Having lived in four countries and traveled to over 30, I've been given a very unique opportunity to see health, fitness and body image from many difference perspectives. I combine my travel experiences with my professional skills as a Fitness Coach which allows me to better connect and understand my clients (that’s you!)

When I’m not working out you can find me traveling the world, hiking, and eating cheese (my favourite food!)


Provisional Psychologist

-Bachelor of Psychological Science, Griffith University Australia

-Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology, QUT Australia

-Certificate Health & Nutrition, Plaskets International College

-Diploma of Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic World Pty.

Alicia believes in a holistic, solution-focused approach to Psychology. Alicia continues to study Psychology and is currently undergoing her Master’s Degree Applications. She has gained work experience by providing in home family support as well as working as a group/individual counsellor for a Family Support Group in the UK.


Alicia is the CEO and Founder of AMC Psychology which aims to offer free support for people seeking health assistance. Alicia strongly believes that a healthy mind creates a health body and together, these factors can reduce the risks of ongoing illnesses.

To connect with Alicia contact her at:

Email: alicia.amcpsychology@gmail.com

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Specialist Women's Nutritionist

-Bachelor of Science (physiology and psychology)

-Masters of Human Nutrition

-Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dietitians

Hi! I'm Miriam Pollak, specialist women's Nutritionist! I'm a mum, an international health and science writer and I have a weak spot for warm salted caramel - straight from the spoon! I work primarily with women, and my research focus has been on food and mood, in particular postnatal depression, and how it’s affected by diet and exercise.


The female body is one of the most miraculous living things - and complex. Throughout the course of our lives our hormones change our bodies several times over. I’m committed to supporting women through each of their life stages as naturally as possible.

To connect with Mim contact her at:

Email: miriam@nourish-meant.com.au

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Accredited Exercise Physiologist

-Bachelor health & exercise science, (Hons) UNSW

-Post graduate certificate in diabetes management

Nat Delana is a passionate Exercise physiologist who has been in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years. She specialises in chronic disease management and is driven to improve the quality of life of the community on person at a time.


"My passion in health started with exercise and now has expanded into a more holistic approach, encompassing health education, health coaching and nutrition.”

To connect with Nat contact her at:

Email: nat@natdelana.com.au

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