I started back to fitness training after I had my baby. Sally gives me great motivation and shows me how easy it is to do workouts at home by myself. It feels good, I feel fit and I don't need a gym anymore. Thanks Sally!

KATHY, 35, Austria


I found Sally's online training program to be way better than many others on the market. Her upfront yet friendly training style helped me to get past my plateaus. Her ability to motivate me was essential to achieving my physique goals. Sally is the BEST trainer out there and I wouldn't train with anyone else. Thank you Sally!

ALEN, 30, Bosnia and Hercegovina


Sally wrote up an online lower body training program for me. I was initally hesitant that it would not be as good as a face to face consult. However the amount of background infomation she gathered was great! I felt she was able to tailor the program to exactly what I wanted. My goals were to tone and lose some booty fat! Sally is very motivational and has amazing inspirational workouts!

ALEXANDRA, 33, Australia


Sally put together an awesome High Intensity Interval Training program specifically for strength and endurance that worked around my bad knees and lower back. The program is ideal for me as I travel often and I don't need weights or equipment to do her program. Sally helped me understand the key points of training - correct posture, controlled breathing and things specific to keeping my knees safe.

ALEX, 58, New Zealand


Since I've started working with Sally, I feel much more balanced and confident. I have so much more energy! Before doing Sally's training plan I was a real couch potato, but now I really enjoy training (yay for fun exercises!)

BETTINA, 30, Austria


When I was looking for someone to reignite my fitness goals in 2012, my daughter suggested Sally. I was in my fifties, I had my first granddaughter and I needed someone to give me some guidance and get me inspired. Sally did that. She talked to me about my fitness and the goals - I was particularly interested in improving my core strength, balance and posture. Sally structured a program for me and by the end of the year I was very fit. Sally is an inspirational trainer. The best things for me are that she always gets the best out of you and is able to get you to make that extra effort without being pushy. She understands what I want and what I need and gets the best out of me. She is always happy and makes training easy. She would send me texts during the week to see how I was going which I loved - she also had great food tips as well!

SUE, 57, Australia


I always used to find excuses not to workout which lead to me feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin. I struggled to find the motivation to do anything about it until I found Sally. She helped me to enjoy exercising again! After a short time of consistent training I began to feel much stronger. Even better is that now I feel so much more satisfaction with my own body!

MAGDALENA, 29, Austria


I didn't think I'd have the time to workout between full time study,work and motorsport. Sally created a program for me that was short, intense and easy to fit in with my busy life. If you've got no time to train but still want to get fit - Sally is the trainer for you!

MICHAEL, 30, Austria


There is a good balance with Sallys' programs, I feel much better after starting her online training package. Sometimes the exercises are hard but Sally’s motivation strengthened my ambition to reach my goals. Her programs are varied which is great for me as I tend to get bored easily. I have been training with Sally for six months and I love it! Zero regrets!

DANIELA, 30, Austria


Before Sally drew up a program for me I had always formed my own training plan based on my experiences and some research on fitness websites. It was centred around familiar exercises and knowing what my body and joints were capable of. Years of playing rugby and other sports have had an impact on my shoulders and knees in particular so my training took that into account. Knowing Sals' experience and knowledge far outweighed mine, I was glad she was able to tailor a program for me based on my goals and also ensuring my injuries were looked after. My top goals in starting Sals' program were to increase strength and to drop some excess body fat. The program incorporated some of my existing exercises but also some new ones. And Sal switched up my training days to concentrate on weaker areas and to make things much more interesting. All in all, it was great to have someone tailor a workout to me, rather than just winging it and I’m glad to see the results.

SIMON, 36, Australia


Training with Sally is AWESOME. I just loved our time together. Sally was really motivational for me. She taught me so many things about nutrition and also exercises that I can do at home by myself.

MARIA, 31, Austria


I was a bit apprehensive about hiring Sally as I had only had male trainers before. But I was very happy that she could write a program specific to my goals - bulking up and losing belly fat. Thank you

PATRICK, 30, Austria


My core is stronger & slimmer, I´ve lost a dress size and feel fitter all over! Training with Sally is fun and she always gives great advice. THANKYOU!

BRIGITTE, 35, Austria


Sally taught me to ENJOY exercise through her varied programs. I am able to concentrate more at work, now that I am exercising regularly. SALLY YOU ARE THE BEST.

LARISSA, 19, Austria


I mentioned to Sally I have lower back pain and that it causes me trouble at work (I am a nurse.) She gave me a workout to build strength in my core and back muscles. She messages me every few days to motivate me to stick with the workout which I really love! Thanks Sally!

SONIA, 26, France


It was really important for me to be active and I found help with Sally. I enjoyed the time with her and hope she will help other people like me

CLAUDIA, 37, Austria


Because of my work as a carpenter, I had a lot of problems with my back. Sally was able to help me with a strengthening program. Now I can work without pain.

LUKAS, 26, Austria


When I first met Sally I was already lifting weights for 7 months with the goal to build muscle. When we discussed my workout plan she quickly had some easily implementable ideas on how to change my current routine for maximum effect. After that she was always the right place to go for any fitness questions or for developing a new workout. With Sallys' help I wasn't only able to improve my overall fitness level, I was also able to boost my performance at the gym & make a lot of gains. If you have any questions regarding fitness, go ask Sally, she has the answers. It's not just a tagline, it's the truth!

CHRIS, 33, Austria


I can't express enough gratitude for having met you! Sharing your personal story about struggling with chronic pain for years truly inspired me during my darkest of times when I thought I might never walk normally again. You helped me build up hope, the confidence to keep trying, and trust within myself (once things had improved) to take the steps towards to find my "new normal" in a safe and healthy way. I know I would have struggled for a lot longer than I did without your support and now I'm a stronger, healthier and happier person thanks to my inner fire...which you never let me extinguish. Keep fanning those flames where ever in the world you go next! Much love and appreciation.

STEPHANIE, 27, Australia


I play tennis often and consider myself to be in good shape. Training with Sally is tough! Her workouts were specific to my needs as a tennis player. I improved my coordination, strength and endurance with Sallys' programs. Thanks Sally!

HERWIG, 32, Austria


I started training about a year ago with Sally - mainly because of muscle tension in my shoulders. I am really happy as my pain has significantly reduced. The workouts she gives me are varied, exhausting (it is supposed to be ;-) ) and fun. I am motivated and look forward to fitness coaching with Sally next year!

STEPH, 32, Austria


So I'm on day 3 of my program with Sally Hartl-McWilliam. I've had years of online coaches, some of the programs were good, some were terrible, some I did just because I knew I wanted the end result. But this, I LOVE. What I find different about this, is they are exercises that I actually ENJOY doing, which makes me put that extra effort in and focus harder. I have a wrist injury and Sally had been great at modifying exercises for that. Her program for me is a tough one for sure but I feel stronger in 3 days than I did after 3 weeks on my last program. My legs still hurt from Friday, my abs hurt from Sunday and I'm ready for today! I'm getting married this October and I'm gonna be looking bodacious thanks to this chic and my macro coach.

MARCY, 32, Canada


I have trained with Sally for 4 years. Sally is exceptional with helping people exceding their goals. Her knowledge of health, fitness and nutrion is phenomenal making it easier to be motivated. Her passion for fitness and helping people reflects in her website as well. I achieved a half marathon by droping 20 odd kg and won a 12 week fitness challenge out of 70 people. I have been training ever since, achieving goals having the passion of keeping fit. Thanks Sally

KIERAN, 43, Australia


Sal is not only hugely knowledgable about training and nutrition, but she makes training super fun. Almost like you don't realise you're working your butt off (almost... haha). I would absolutely recommend Sal to even the most exercise resistant creature.

SARAH, 35, Australia


I trained with Sal a few years ago and loved it that much I arranged a group from work to start training with her as well. Oh, and I even my coerced husband to tag along too! Honestly, training with Sal is fun, and she makes pushing your body to new levels super enjoyable. She'll have a joke, keep you accountable and work you bloody hard at the same time. Not many trainers can do all these things at the same time, and I guess that's why she's called "Super Sal!" I also loved how Sal really took an interest in what we were eating too, and would send "Tuesday's Top Tip" to my phone. Love your work Sal, you're a bloody legend!

ERON, 30, Australia


Sally is a true and honest trainer who tells you how it is, sets the bar high and always pushes you to improve.

STACEY, 28, England


THANK YOU SO MUCH SALLY. I reached my goals faster then I thought I would. The Skype meetings helped me to stay motivated. I highly recommend Sally.

LUKAS, 26, Austria


Sally you were awesome. Funny, really polite but also you kept me on my toes. I have less pain in my shoulder than before I started training with you. Your nutrition articles were also a lot of motivation for me to change my eating habbits.

KARIN, 43, Austria


From the first moment I knew you were the right trainer for me. You asked the right questions and always followed up with me. In just 7 weeks I lost 3 kg, toned up and a lot of people commented on my new physique.

REGINA, 41, Austria


I didn`t think anyone would get me to enjoy working out, but Sally was able to motivate me to train twice a week. I am no spring chicken and knew that I needed to do something about my fitness. Thanks to Sally I feel fitter and stronger than ever before.

JOSEF, 50, Austria


Usally I dont really hang arround with my family but it turns out working out with them is actually kind of fun. My back doesn't hurt anymore thanks to Sallys' awesome program. But the best thing is, I feel so much more confident in my own skin.

LAURA, 23, Austria


Sally - you understand my health problems better than anyone else I have met. Your personal interaction with me was incredibly helpful. There is not a single negative thing about training with you. After many surgeries and alot of time spent in hospital I didn't think I'd be able to move properly again. Thanks to you. I now have trust in my body. The result of this 12 Week Program - less pain, weightloss and MORE confidence. I finally feel well again.

HEIDRUN, 44, Germany