28. June 2017

Mindful Eating – Why You Should Be Doing It

  Mindful eating… mindful eating… mindful eating… where to start…? Ok, so I think the easiest way to understand and learn about this is by breaking […]
29. May 2017

That Late Night Snack

This article is written by our favourite fully qualified nutritionist and all round wonderful human Miriam Pollak. Last night by about 9pm all I could think […]
9. May 2017

5 Tips for Losing Belly Fat (based on no bullshit science)

The first thing you need to know is doing crunches will not reduce your belly fat.  (Yes, those ab king pro infomercials are lying straight to […]
10. April 2017

Tips for Being Kinda Vegetarian

Being kinda vegetarian is my jam.   I love a good butter chicken or a juicy rare steak with mushroom sauce. But I also love the idea […]